Poches Market

Poche's has been serving up authentic cajun cuisine and specialty meats since 1962. We have recently partnered with Poche's to provide our customers with "All things Cajun in one place". We and have a Poche's Market in both the Bluebonnet and Howell Place restaurants that include a freezer section as well as refrigerated items. We cook a big Poche's menu for lunch as well.

When Cajuns are eating lunch or dinner, they're often thinking of their next meal.

Specialty Meats sold in the store are listed below:

Choice Ribeyes
Pork Backbone
Specialty Sausages
Seasoned Beef Roast
Beef Brisket
Smoked Tasso
Stuffed Turkeys
Stuffed Chickens
Homemade Meatballs
Chicken Burgers
Stuffed Mushrooms
BBQ Meats
Pork Steaks and Chops

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